Monday, September 21, 2015

I've loved ADORNit for years!

And I often say how much I admire Carolee and her creative abilities [and 6th sense, I think] to stay one step ahead of creative trends. Their product lines continue to grow and offer the cutest things around! I loved visiting with her and her girls back in 2009 during the ‘warehouse tour’ that was tagged on to CKU-Provo.
They were the most gracious hosts and gave us a mini-tour of their creative process [and of course, offered us scrapbook junkies a mega sale to shop as well!] 
ALL THAT to say – when I heard she was doing a little e open house stop in Franklin TN
I knew I had to go up and say hello! 
So glad my sweet sister went along – I had a wonderful time JUST BEING TOGETHER –
So fun, in fact, that I did not take a single photo.
So, DISCLAIMER: this photo is from a while back, and all the others are off the internets –
Carolee’s as gracious as ever and talked with us about their latest creative endeavor –
And I LOVE how they are mixing vintage and modern with a little shabby chic thrown in!
It’s making me think long and hard about pulling out the quilt I started over 30 years ago –
I seriously love these quilts! And their fabric is new, yet looks so vintage [reminded us of some of the flour sacks we used to get from Mrs. Gas, an old family friend...]
go take a look! 
She also had inspirational coloring pages for us to play with a bit – SO FUN.
Perfect for scrapbook pages, or cards, or even framing.
And of course, she had some scrapbook stuff as well
[And you know I had to pick up a few things!]
All in all – a great evening…
Time with my sister and some of my favorite crafty stuff = wonderful!

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