Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Okay. So today I wanted to share another Little Big Meal from Fresh Market

Can you tell I'm loving these?
- I think it is a REALLY good deal!
But first I have to show you some little treats I made for the holiday! 
I'll tell you more in a minute!
This week's LBM is hamburgers -- > 
It's an easy way to try some of the different burgers that Fresh Market has to offer. 
I picked up a couple of turkey burgers with green peppers, etc. and a couple of beef with bacon and cheddar... Also, for $20 we got some giant kaiser buns, chips, slaw, corn to grill, cheddar cheese slices, 
and a dozen cookies. 
A pretty sweet savings of $17. 
 We did the burgers on the stove top [still loving my Bobby Flay grill pan] and added fresh tomatoes and onion from the Farmer's Market. It was a fairly quick and easy meal.  
 [With a heat index of 105* we / I decided to not grill outside ---]
 This week I also made a couple of family favorites for our Fourth of July gatherings... 
First I made some Krispie Rice Treats --
 I remember that my sister used to make these for Christmas each year and used food coloring to jazz them up a bit for The Holiday so I thought I'd give it a go for the Fourth of July 
[and who am I kidding? --- I saw it on pinterest as well - lol.] 
 Just melt 3 tablespoons of butter with a bag of marshmallows and stir in six cups of toasted rice cereal [ha.]
Note: I made two batches all at once to have enough for the three layers of color...
 I took a third of the mixture out into a bowl and Craig added red food coloring while I mixed it with my hands [with my little disposable gloves on - you know -- the ones I use when I take cooked chicken off the bone...]
 Then pressed it into a 9x13 pan. I added a layer of mixture with no food coloring, then used blue on the remaining mixture in the pan it was cooked in and pressed it on top of the red and white layers.
Here's a tip: for the 2nd and 3rd layers form little patties in the palm of your hand and press it down before adding it to the layers... they will all mold together nicely after it's all put together.
Let it cool a bit before cutting into little bars.
Another tip: dip your knife in water between each cut for easier slicing.
I packaged them two to a ziplock sandwich bag...
[Y'all remember that I made them a few weeks ago -- > they're one of my favorites too! Ha.] 
AND they're easy to make without heating up the oven [and kitchen!] on these 100* days!
A win-win.
Click on the link above to get the recipe.
Be mindful that they might not 'set-up' as well if you make them on a rainy day...
We had the leftover burgers for dinner tonight and Craig cooked the corn / cob in te microwave - 
I'm not of fan --
But Emma is always ready to eat my piece for me!
[And - NO --- she does not get to eat an entire piece of corn.]
Happy Fourth of July Y'all!!

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