Monday, June 29, 2015

Let’s see… it's been a pretty regular week …

Had a training event here in town and then I worked in another county this week – 
 and have to say that I miss having a window in my office --- 
especially with storm clouds rolling in. 
Also got a gel / shellac manicure [depends on where I go what they call it…] and I love it. 
This should last me a good three weeks or so… and while I don’t like to have it on my nails ALL the time – I do try and put it on now and then…
[photo cred: random guy in the lobby]
I attended the Scrap It Southern Style Event in Birmingham this past weekend and it was 
Lots and lots of games and activities [AND PRIZES!!] 
Still, I was able to accomplish most of what I had planned. 
And it was great to visit and catch-up with some scrapping buddies!
[Photo Cred: Cindy Scrapper]
I finished up the sorting of the youngest’s albums [had a STACK of pages that needed to be divided between high school – college --and all about Matt.] 
Now I need to make some decent looking labels for them!
[Photo Cred: Kim - Keller's Creations]
The class I took was great and the ‘chopped’ game was SO FUN – 
and I was happy to be a finalist! 
[I came in 2nd & won a ThirtyOne bag full of goodies!] 
I’ll share more of the pages / layouts I completed in a couple of weeks –
On another note – I always love seeing this iconic 'landmark' 
going south on 65 early in the a.m.
I've been known to pull off the road for a a photo - 
But this time I just held my phone out and snapped away -- 
lucky to get one I could crop down and shop up a bit!
I’ve also seen the white squirrel at least two other times this week – still adorable…
and I always think it's funny how I go in for a haircut and ask for about a half inch off and it always comes out at least a full inch or inch and a half shorter - lol...
Kind of like bargaining...
[I ALWAYS start with MUCH less - and am usually happy with the results...]
And now it’s back to the work week – glad this is a short one for us!

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