Monday, May 25, 2015

So the official 'unofficial' start of summer has begun....

Since we no longer have kids in school it seems to all blend together....
For 25 + years  our summer has started with 
The Alabama Jubilee!
And, since I've flooded FB already with photos from this year, 
I thought I'd pull out a few from years past...
Back in '93 or so ---
Matt and Josh on a tethered flight -
[They're both HAPPY - but remember, this was before the days 
of digital when you could take a gazillion photos
to get a perfect shot of every body - ]
Drew and Dad pulling out the [ReMax - ?] balloon...
circa 1998 -?
Matt and Michael
Tethered flight with Mike on the ReMax Balloon
circa 2004 - ?
Drew with Mike in the ReMax Balloon - 
Flying in for the Key Grab 
circa 2000 - ?
[They flew over the river = FUN.]
And one last one - 
Drew and Matt helping Jeff out during the Daiken Festival
These were [semi] easy to find since I'm still 
in the process of taking my scrapbooks apart 
and organizing by event / people instead of by year ----
Many of the hot air balloon photos [from past years] 
are all together in one album! 
I kind of love having it all together 
so I can see how we've grown and changed as time has gone by.
Sweet memories.

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