Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Let's talk about

NOT putting 
every. single. photo. we. take. 
on our scrapbook pages.
 I don't think I've EVER had that need - and especially now that I have digital and take a gazillion photos of any event or thing that interests me -
 I think that's how people get overwhelmed with scrapbooking. 
[Honestly - I probably had fifty = photos of this one dinner ---]
Here's my plan - I download my photos weekly into folders of corresponding dates and delete the ones that are obviously BAD; at the end of the month I move all of these to a folder with the year / month on it [2015-05.]
Then I upload the ones I like best to Walgreens each month [I put them in a monthly folder there.] And then I choose which ones to print - usually the uploaded is scaled down enough that I print everything in the folder [or album, as Walgreens' calls them...]
[Again - LOTS of photos of fourth of July decor' last year - 
paired with a selfie when they brought popisces around our office - 
After they're printed I put them into photo packets, divided by scrapbook topic... 
as I complete the page I mark it off and call it done.
[I emptied three packets during my recent retreat.]
[Love this page where I used the patterned paper to journal on --]
 So - all that to say that I don't feel the need to print all 1500 photos I take at Disney 
or to scrapbook ten pages of Old Faithful 
like one scrapper I met at CK a few years back...
I mean, really.
A few photos of Old Faithful and I think we can all get the idea of it.
[I know these photos aren't great - but I REALLY DID LOVE my New Year's decor'--]
 I think there's a distinct difference between scrapbook albums and photo albums. 
And the pocket page scrapbook systems are kind of a mix for that, don't you think? 
I know I've used them to add in pages with tons of photos 
[like our California Trip or the Wonderland crop, here:

 and here, 
 and here, 
 and here,
You get the idea... 
 It's a great way to pull together a lot of photos and 
then I sometimes pull out just a few for a separate page -  
 For me, the scrapbook pages I like the best are ones where I pull together some favorite photos - in no chronological order - and scrapbook the memory. 
It could be a fun family event or it could be a photo or two pulled from that event to document the relationships / feelings that these photos evoke.
So, that said [and thanks for listening / reading this little rant - ha] 
I want to encourage you to grab a few photos and paper and glue 
and get some of your own memories down on paper... 
And, okay, if you want to add some stickers or fancy paper, that'll work too.
But remember - HAVE FUN with it.
[All layouts created this month - 
Photo cred for Wonderland Crop - Me & FRIENDS  ]


Kathy Wittlock said...

I love your plan, I have been on a monthly plan = lately Project Life has made it easier for me I now have 4 grands so lots of cute things.

scrapncards said...

I would be so overwhelmed if I tried to get ALL my photos into scrapbooks--I wouldn't have time to go to work! Love your idea of printing and storing them per idea. Thanks for sharing.