Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Have you been to Mike's lately?

Okay, so you’ve seen all the denim everywhere? 
Apparently it’s the up and coming trend 
and while I am almost ALWAYS on the tail end of any trend in the crafting world 
[Hello --  banners and owls…]
I’ve decided that this is one trend I can jump on – ha.
Denim is perfect for summer décor --- 
So I created this little summer wreath which will hang on my door [or porch] for a while and then move into the youngest’s room 
since we’re in the process of changing things up a bit in there 
[I promise I’ll share THAT once it’s mostly done!]
 I started with some basics – a wreath ring that I saved from our holiday evergreen wreaths [the greenery went to the compost bin,] a pair of jeans [I tried to find some old ones at home to use, but ended up picking these up at Salvation Army for $5,] gingham ribbon, a couple of flags and sweet stars from yes, Michaels – ha.
First, I cut the jeans into strips and hooked them into the ring, making nice fluffy pillow of denim to fill it all out – Please note that this ring is a bit smaller than the ones that can be purchased for the BIG FLUFFY wreaths that are trending now -
After it was completely full I wrapped the ribbon around ...
Then I tucked the flags and stars in the upper left and started a bow on the lower right. 
But! I ran out of ribbon AND I really wanted more of the gingham to show...
So when I got back home 
[yes this was done in a hotel room during work travel - ha]
I got out my trusty glue gun and secured the ribbon on TOP of the denim by gluing it in between each little pillow / fluff....
THEN I had enough ribbon to make a little bow
[Always thankful that my mama taught me how to make fancy bow.]
- I also pulled one star off to be the center of the bow 
and added a few more patriotic colors as well... 
  We’ll see if the denim trend hangs on for a while… 
But either way it’s classic American Colors.
I like the rustic / frayed] look of it! 
Would love to hear your ideas of using denim in  home décor! 

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Anonymous said...

Very cute! I love patriotic decor items!