Monday, May 18, 2015

Another week has come and gone ---

Time really does seem to go by faster and faster as we age, doesn't it?

 So, how's your week been?
I've spent much of my "home" time this week either on the phone with ProvoCraft,
 working in the yard, or with Art -  
[Or in the bed with sinus medication - ha]
And I'm happy to report that I FINALLY got my [Cricut] machine to link cartridges...
Sad to report that at least one of mine was linked to someone else's gypsy.
Lesson learned: link all your cartridges before you share with others...
The good people at ProvoCraft have been excellent to work with and I sure appreciate their guidance - Now that I'm into the Craft Room - 
 Our peonies are beautiful again this year.
SO GLAD I moved them to a sunny spot!
[And I'll forever remember mama saying they bloomed the last of April 
because she always took Eulene some for her birthday -]
Love this big piece inspired by my on-line class with Mindy Lacefield.
It's not quite finished in this photo - had to add some light to here eyes, etc. 
I'm happy to learn how to do Mindy's graffiti / children's coloring techniques.
So fun!
Our oakleaf hydrangea appears to be thriving too!
We planted it late last summer - 
so I'm thrilled it survived the winter and has blooms, even!!
[I need to mulch that bed it's in, don't I?]
In other gardening news,
we've moved the wild sunflowers to the outside of the fence in the back, hoping to give the hydrangeas in my flower bed  a little more room to grow... put some delphinium in - it's a gorgeous blue / purple! and we planted a crape myrtle where the giant boxwood was [taken out due to foundation work.]
Craig's been wanting a crape myrtle there for at least ten years. 
I think our garden is always a work in progress...
[there's still more planned -]
I've also been gathering my art together for the upcoming Art Stroll downtown.
It's going to be fun! I'm not going to be there for every stroll so I'll be sharing my space with others, but I'm looking forward to seeing friends and selling off some of my stuff! 
There comes a time when it needs to go [to make room for new creations] -- 
Although, I'll admit, it's VERY hard to say goodbye to some of them...
It's going to be the 1st and 4th Friday nights 
June - July - August
- if you're local, plan to stop by!

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Shirley Ross said...

Love reading your blog, Judy, and so glad you have your carts linked!! Enjoy the garden and your Cricut!