Wednesday, December 10, 2014

We had my side of the family to our house

for Thanksgiving and I loved it.
We decided to go with a non-traditional meal
[but now I’m doing a re-think on that because 
I DO love Aunt Betty’s dressing recipe and I miss having it…]
I loved sharing dessert with this girlie -  
She ate the icing and I ate the cake, 
saving me a TON of calories - lol -
Before dinner we had a little pre-dinner shooting –
Much thanks to the oldest for bringing the entertainment!
and he supervised us well, I might add.
[A pellet gun, y'all -]

 It's always fun to glide with my favorite little girl -
She helped me edit this photo too -
But on to the meal -- 
I set two tables to accommodate all of us
I used our regular dishes for the table setting, 
layered with a paper plate underneath [for dessert] 
and clear glass plate on top for salad. 
The table décor was gathered from around the living room – ha. 
[I’m loving the burlap table runner I got at Wal-Mart.]
- JimmyJohns provided the bread...
and Ricatoni's the dipping spices...
We did a pasta bar – with three kinds of pasta 
[shells, angel hair, and cheese tortellini] 
- served from the stove top -
[I didn't cook it until everyone had arrived -]
and three sauces 
[marinara, alfredo, and primavera 
 {that I COOKED – Pioneer Woman’s recipe -}] 
These were kept warm in crock pots -
We also had some baked 
chicken, turkey meatballs, and sausage to top things off… 
[kept warm in an electric skillet -]
Everyone could make their favorite -
Of course we started with a nice salad full of olives and roasted red peppers – 
and ended with a yummy pumpkin roll, carrot cake, blueberry bread, and mixed fruit. 
Doesn’t everyone need four desserts for ten people? 
[Thanks to Kelly for this photo - ]
Then, of course, after dinner 
we had to roast some marshmallows around the fire pit. 
[There really is something relaxing about sitting around a fire 
and visiting, with no agenda other than to just be together -]
And we ended the day with some crazy hammock shenanigans.
[Thanks to Kelly for this photo - ]
There was at least {more than} one moment when I thought 
little MK was going to be dumped overboard…
[my cell phone does not 'freeze' the moment well--
But I took this one with Kelly's camera,
so glad we got at least one of the three of them that was good -  
And now it's on to Christmas///
I have some travel to do this month, but I'm still trying to 
be intentional about celebrating the real reason for the season...
I hope I'm able to capture it all in my December Daily album 
that I'm sharing each week with you- 

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