Monday, December 15, 2014

I'm enjoying doing

the December Daily Album this year -- 
It helps me slow down a bit and enjoy the moment...
finding a little joy in each day...
I want to share a few pages from this week - 
But first let me show you how I've gone back and 
embellished a bit on the pages from last week -
Putting in the journaling and a few 
tags and Christmas stickers --
So... on to this week --
On Sunday [the 7th] we had the opportunity 
to visit a relative celebrating her 90th birthday - 
how wonderful is that?
[We started our day with special music at church
so I included the flyer from that too - ]
Then Monday night we had an impromptu date night with friends
for dinner at the art museum and the tinsel trail downtown - 
You can see I've put a larger photo in sideways
as a half-page...
with another photo [and tag] on the back -
And on Tuesday we enjoyed our traditional
Messiah sing-a-long at a local church.
Always beautiful.
[Since the Deck the Halls was printed on the adjoining page 
I added a photo of my office from work --]
Wednesday was a travel day for me [work - whee]
But I took the time to visit a favorite island along the Gulf Coast
before I headed to the office -- 
[I always find peace at The Gulf -]
The page adjoining 11 will have different photos in the next few days -
Just haven't got those printed yet --
[So you might see these of our mantle again on another page -]
You can see that I added another partial page
[I really do LOVE the contrast of different sizes of pages!]
And the rocket always signifies home to me --
It was a long trip, so it was so good to be back home -
[Love our front porch decor --]
Another partial page, clear so you can see the little elf 
that travels along with me...
I think he needs a name - hmmm...
 I bet you've noticed some repeating elements on my pages --
I picked up a bag of tiny foam trees that I'm adding throughout, 
as well as the craft tags, large word stickers, and red lace... 
And of course the numbers for each day -- 
I think it adds continuity...
or helps it all flow better...
Enjoy your week!

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