Monday, December 8, 2014

December Daily - week one

I've done a December Daily Scrapbook
[a-la Ali Edwards] 
off and on for a few years now...
I'd originally bought this album for last year
[a planner, really]
from Stampin' Up and just couldn't get into doing a whole lot with it- 
So ended up doing a simple little thing  instead- 
I'll take some photos of that one and share with you -
Here's the prep - 
punched number 'cards' - cricut numbers - and xyron adhesive
The base of the album was done early in the fall of last year...
And here's how this week looks 
[so far -- I've still got some journaling and embellishing to do!]
I always like for the 'cover' page to be a large photo of our tree... 
This is a 5x7 print...
This first page actually occurred mid-November during our 
annual walk-through of at The Botanical Gardens - 
A traditional kick-off to the season for the past 20+ years --
 Love that we've been going with this same group of friends for that long!
LOVE the lights - 
And always LOVE the rocket that shows the way --
This is a little 'everyday life' photo 
of my Christmas Cactus - 
It was given to me as a gift LAST November
and I've actually kept it alive for a whole year!!
 The calendar is penciled in with all the interesting things 
we'd like to do during the season, 
We know we won't get to them all - 
I'll color-code it and finalize it as the weeks go by...
 LOVE our Women's Dinner at church each year!
This year Anita Renfroe was our speaker - 
and she was so great!
Always fun to get together with these gals!
This is my little pink tree at work
and our white tree at home that we [finally] got up on Thursday.
Do you love sitting in the lights of the tree as much as I do?
We did a little shopping Friday night and I picked up some little gifties...
And since Saturday was St. Nicholas Day we got up early to deliver our traditional chocolate Santas to the oldest and his wife [we'd put youngest's in the mail to him earlier--] so we took the time for a nice breakfast at one of our favorite local cafes...
But sadly - we're addicted to our own coffee and take our own - ha
Although, we DO order something to drink from them or that'd just be rude - lol
Again - this is the bare-bones of it - I've got a stash of embellishments and lots of journaling to add to it... I'll share the whole thing once it finished...
But I wanted to show that I was indeed working on it - ha.
I've loved seeing others' on FB and instagram!
I think it's great to document the ordinary days in this 
extraordinary season of Goodness and Light -

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