Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I've been reading about Christmas Home Tours all month

and have been meaning to share ours with you for a few weeks now -- 
so come on in and sit a spell -
Y'all may remember that I picked up this tree last year [at the Salvation Army] when I just couldn't get into the Christmas Spirit since it was my first Christmas without my Mama - 
Well, I pulled it out again this year, because, really, her loss is still so fresh and new 
[I think last year I was still a bit in shock from it all --]
It kind of just reminds me of her
 and her sparkling personailty -
But this is it - 
It will be for sale come the first of the year...
It's just very VERY bright, 
even with it's missing lights through the middle -- 
As you come up to the from door, you'll see my snowmen welcoming crew - 
Craig made this --fencepost--  snowman for me about 20 years ago, and I love him still..
This year he stands guard next to a vintage angel garland that I picked up at a thrift store last fall, but never got out to use... more on them later ...
A sweet friend who passed away this year made his colorful scarf...
 As you come into our entry I have hung the garland from my mama's door 
on our stair rail and an angel painting on the wall...

If you go down the hall to the bedrooms 
you'll see our Charlie Brown Christmas tree, 
complete with Charlie Brown nativity.
And in the bathroom, a snowman nativity -
[I DO love nativity sets --]
 Walking through the entry to the kitchen, 
you'll see a couple of new pieces for this year - 
I picked up this little card holder at Big Lots - 
Love the artsy-ness of it,
 and I got the counted-cross-stitch at a thrift store for ONE DOLLAR.
 Moving into the kitchen, I have a couple of pottery barn 'tree' plates over the stove - 
Again, I picked them up at t thrift store for a dollar each -
 and a green tinsel tree on the table top 
with an advent calendar [and nativity] on the shelf above...
Those hats are some our boys wore at Easter long ago...
Here's a close-up --
Then it's on through the den and into the living room...
where the stockings are hung by the chimney with care...
The NOEL sign is from Target, 
and the church sign is from Mary&Martha...
And more angels are hanging out, watching over us -
These were made in the fifties [they were still in their original boxes when I bought them!] Craig replaced the lights in one strand, but the other works well...
I love their little porcelain heads and tinfoil wings!
They even have tiny fur muffs over their hands 
as they hold their candle lights!
To the right of the angels are some photos 
of our little angels from long ago --
In the dining area I have the wooden tree Craig made
from old wood floor slats a couple of years ago 
[from a pinterest idea] 
and parts of my largest nativity 
that my mama had one of my cousin's make for me & my sister. 
And across from that is our tree...
I have to admit that I've misplaced our tree skirt - but I'm not letting it bother me 
[It's tucked away somewhere...]
And if that's the only thing misplaced from my hap-hazard Christmas last year, 
then I'm doing pretty good - 
So this tree skirt is actually a round table cloth that I picked up at Dirt Cheap for $5.
It's covered in gold / silver foil packages now...
There's lots going on this Christmas season, 
all the hustle and bustle of getting ready to share with family friends... 
But I know many who have hurting hearts this year... 
Want you grab a cup of coffee [or tea] and take a moment to sit quietly with Jesus, 
our Savior, whose birth we celebrate?

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