Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I loved the rustic look of this wreath

from the first time I saw it over on
SO I knew I wanted to make one of my own.
My sweetie cut the ZERO out for me from wood left-over from another project -- 
[I think they used heavy-duty cardbaord --[
Then I gathered sticks from the yard - 
AND made about 24 little pompoms with a large meat fork -
All of this was setting at the house waiting for me for a couple of weeks 
So -- I knew it would be a great project to take camping with us -
I packed up the trusty high-powered glue gun, 
along with extra yarn [and the fork] in case I needed more 
and put it all in the RV with the ZERO and the gathered sticks...
Then late one afternoon I set to work on the table just outside our door - 
I started with the bigger sticks  on the four right angles and 
added shorter and smaller sticks to fill in...
I had to gather more twigs from around our campsite
Then I glued on the pom poms to cover the ends - 
I think it looks kind of like cotton, do you?
This is it - hanging near the RV door - 
[OF COURSE we took it down before we traveled - ha.]
And this is theirs - 
You can find complete instructions at the link at the top of this post --
I love how mine turned out - 
even if it doesn't look just like theirs -
It's a fun, easy to do, wreath for the fall!

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