Friday, November 14, 2014

Here's another favorite photo

from our recent camping trip -- 
 I've loved those colored acorns I see every year for a while now... 
But they're either too expensive, or just not in the right colors...
So when I saw a little packet of orange-toned ones
[ON SALE at Stein-Mart]
a few weeks back
I picked them up, knowing I could add a little paint 
and make them work for me.
I painted them one afternoon while Craig was watching ballgames 
[yes, we truly rough it - dontcha know - ha]
I painted a third of them purple... and a third green... 
leaving the orange ones to blend it all together...
[I admit it - my house is mardi gras colors --]
Note: These are NOT real acorns, 
though, I suppose you could do this with them 
[if you hot glue the caps on!] 
These are little bits of wood SHAPED like a acorn 
with real acorn caps glued on - 
I'm thinking they will last longer this way...
I  plan to put them in a little hanging vase 
I have  over my sink so I can enjoy the goodness of fall, 
even inside my house!

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