Monday, November 10, 2014

We had a little get-a-way

this weekend - and oh! 
How I needed it!
My work life has been CrAzY - 
... with travel plans made and cancelled and made again...
And again and again --
And again...
It was so nice to get away from all of that and 
be outside to enjoy God's glorious fall paintings!
I know that everyone doesn't love fall -  
But oh, my! 
I sure do!!
I love the woodsy smell of decaying leaves going to sleep for the winter...
I love the colors that God paints wide and 
wild and wonderful for us to enjoy!!!
And I love having the time to slow down 
and 'just be' with the love of my life
 with no agenda, 
exploring the area around us...
I mean, really - who wouldn't love a man 
who takes care of the tiny dog?
[Can you see her?
She has on her leopard print coat,
so she may be camouflaged just a bit - ha]
We went over to Cloudland Canyon State Park in Georgia 
and it was gorgeous! - 
We were concerned that we might have 
missed 'the color' by a couple of weeks - 
But really, I think we hit it at just the right time - 
The dropping temps this week will surely make the leaves drop as well -- 

We walked the paved walking trails one afternoon...
and enjoyed the hiking trails the next...
Our theory - a walk is on a paved trail and a hike is not...
a walk has guard rails...
and a hike might not - 
[All straight-out-of-the-camera shots --]

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