Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Take a Sketch and Make it Yours!

So - I've not really kept up with this little goal of mine - 
Here's to another try --
Before we even get started, let me say that 
I am NOT all about a perfect photo of my scrapbook pages.
I hope the photos shared here will give you inspiration to create your own; 
they will never be perfectly straight, or line up in a square...
 I just really don't have the time to devote to that.
And I apologize if that throws you off a bit -- 
I hope you use these ideas and make your own pages --
keeping mind, that in real life my lines are straight - ha.
 Cathy Zielske once suggested using advertisements as a base for our scrapbook layouts.
[Let someone else do the design for you -they get paid for good design, 
after all... or something like that. Ha.]
Anyway - I've been doing it [off and on] since then --
And I wanted to share a bit of the process with you each month,
so here we go - 
The Advertisement: 
I think I've used a similar advertisement already - lol - 
I'm really enjoying adding banners to may pages these days - 
so this really caught my eye -
The Sketch:
 So I sketched it out - 
just on some graph paper that I created on the computer - 
Roughly, two squares = one inch.
The Final Layout -
And, as you can see, even I cannot follow my sketches to the letter!
Again - used some of my instagram prints and a little title down in the corner - 
Life is Good -
I love it - 
And would love to see what you do with the sketch - 

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