Friday, June 27, 2014

We went back to

The Farmer's Market this week -- 
walked through in the rain...
And I've gotta say the crops are coming in!
We loved seeing the variety of fresh veggies available...
[and the flowers! Oh my!]
 I was pleased to see that the new potatoes were still available too.
We still had some yellow squash in the fridge so this week we bought
new potatoes, corn, green beans...
and, of course, a couple of those delicious cinnamon rolls!
I'm sure you've seen this recipe floating around Pinterest - 
Green Beans - Chicken - New Potatoes
- baked all in one dish with spices and butter over the top - 
So I thought I'd give it a try ---
and it turned out pretty good - 
We had corn on the cob and fried squash to go with it -
Always good.
Here's our critique -
the baked dish was good....
but could have been BETTER with a little less spice...
And of course, being in The South - 
we 'd like for our green beans to be A LOT more done - ha - 
and the potatoes too...
But it WAS good!
I rinsed the leftovers off before storing them in the fridge...
they may be re-purposed into chicken salad and potato salad for the weekend.
and if you're on instagram: #farmersmarketmeals
I'd love to see how you're eating local / fresh!

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Shirley Ross said...

Wonderful! Nothing like the farmer's market. Thanks for sharing recipes