Monday, June 23, 2014

Saturday morning I had the

privilege to host a group of gals in my home - 
[I'll share more about this page in a moment --]
I'll admit I was teensy bit apprehensive since the only thing most of them had in common was friendship with me - ha.
Yes -- only a couple of them had ever [ever] met each other before -
But you know what? 
They also have a love for the Lord in common!
And I had a great time! 
[I hope they did too!]
We gathered together
to study 
a Women of Faith Bible Study -
and also to get creative together --
This is one project with a verse from our study -
We used frames from the $1 section of Michael's
 and index cards [glued 2-3 together] 
-- then paper-pieced our art on it 
[after painting our backgrounds --] 
And this is another one - part of the study had us choose an ice cream flavor to describe our lives -- and also to think of five creative things we might want to do - 
so I wrote the five things on my scoops of  ice cream...
I added the alpha stickers later...
We'll add projects to our frames each month --
This is the only photo I took that morning - 
made me think of Mama's saying about
Miss Duck being all ready for her guests to arrive - lol.
[She will always be a part of me.]
We'll have to get a group photo next month!!
Yes - we've committed to meeting together for the next six months 
as we go through this study together - fun!
We're doing two chapters a month -
I've also encouraged the group [and the on-line group as well] to USE their study books as an art journal --- so I got started on mine after we did the first couple of chapters. 
I used gesso to stick a couple of pages together and to give a nice surface to work on - Notice I preserved some of the things from the study that popped out to me - 
[I also used the adjoining page as a place for extra paint - 
but don't worry -- those pages will be completed also!]
This page was inspired by a blog I found just this weekend - 
it gives ideas for creating on an index card everyday during June - 
[maybe all summer?]
How fun is that?!?
This quote just seemed to fit - 
How thankful I am to God for His creation 
and that I CAN live in the sunshine, 
swim in the sea, and drink in the wild air!
I would love to see what you've been creating! 
Since the house was clean [ha] - we sent out a quick invite to long-time friends and had them over for hamburgers that evening. It was a relaxing time to catch up and visit together 
- But I didn't get  a photo of any of that either - 
Guess I was too busy BEING PRESENT
 and enjoying myself to think of it - lol.

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