Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Back in the day

I prepared a wholesome meal 
[think meat / protein+ 2 veggies and a starch] 
almost every night - 
We'd eat out on Sunday afternoons [usually Ding How off Triana...
waaaaay before they started doing dim sum.]
Then the boys got busy with school, church, and sports activities and we began eating out every Wednesday night after church - Guadalajara, for sure...
and maybe another time or two during the week as well...
And then when they left home and left the nest empty
 we started eating out more and more... 
Of course I began traveling a bit more for work then
and my sweetie began spending more time on the water fishing in the afternoons too...
All that to say - I'm loving cooking these farmer's market meals  - But I'm also finding it challenging, too, since the veggie choices aren't changing a whole lot - 
and since I've not done a whole lot of regular routine cooking for a while now - lol.
So this week I bought  broccoli, sweet potatoes, 
yellow squash, zucchini, and sweet onions.
I'm sure we'll get a couple of meals out of it - 
Tonight we had flank steak [I had this and  potatoes already -] with roasted veggies [olive oil + season salt], and roasted sweet potato slices, and broccoli with cheese. Plus a salad that included some of the red leaf lettuce from last week -
And, well, we thought it was delish - 
[The meat was not as rare as it looks - ]
The vegetable mix was especially good --
We cooked extra steak that I will slice and freeze for fajitas later on 
when the tomatoes and peppers come in and 
we'll have another meal or two with the remaining [uncooked] squash and sweet potatoes.
That's the bad thing [or good , since it forces us to eat more veggies-] 
about our farmer's market - we have to get a whole [small] basket of things -- 
and sometimes we just don't need that much since it's just the two of us - 
In fact, I just finished up the last of the cauliflower from last week -
Frosted Cauliflower
- you can google it or look on my pinterest board - but it's basically a mixture of mayo + mustard + cheddar spread over the top then covered and cooked in the microwave for 5 minutes or so. It's a favorite of mine -
Let me know if you enjoy it too! 

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