Thursday, June 5, 2014

I had the [spur of the moment] opportunity

to take an all day class with the internationally known artist, 
Sunny Carvalho on Saturday - 
Who knew she lived near my neck of the woods?!?!
I've loved her quirky art for quite a while 
[and quirky is a word I embrace in a GOOD way --]
[My art - inspired by Sunny - book quotes and all - lol]
So I was THRILLED when she posted a little note 
about having some spots left in a class at 
in Birmingham -  
How have I not known about this store?!? 
They've been in business for over 40 years!!
It's huge and wonderful with the best staff ever!
I know I'll be back to shop there!
 [One of Sunny's art pieces - but click on the link above to see more of her fantastic stuff!!]
So - we started the day with basic information 
about how she creates her gorgeous pieces 
and then she encouraged us to do our own interpretation - fun! 
My work in progress --
She walked us through faces shapes, bodies, 
adding backgrounds with napkins [LOVE!!!!] 
and finishing up the faces, eyes, quotes, etc. 

 We took a break in the middle of that day and walked up to 
The Garage and had a sandwich before continuing on...

Still working on them...
It was different to create the focus of the art a
and then put the background around it - but I loved the way it all worked out --- 
 All in all a [very!] good day - I met some new artsy friends 
This is the collection of our finished work - 
I love seeing how each person puts their own spin on things!
And mine, a little closer:
The first one, that I still plan to add a sibling quote to 
And the second one - 
LOVE that little piece of gessobord. 
Wow. Good stuff.
I learned some new techniques with some fabulous paint - 
I've always used only the cheap stuff, 
mainly because I've not wanted to invest in things 
when I don't know how it works --
but after painting with Sunny - 
I did end up buying a few tubes of the 'good stuff.' LOL.
And I love it.
Seriously - look at those vibrant colors!!!
[Yay for travel checks that come at just the right time!]

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