Saturday, May 31, 2014

Last weekend was a

Great weekend – filled with
Balloon Fun!
 Oh! How we do love those balloons!
We’ve been going to the
 [almost] every year since the oldest was three years old. It’s a yearly tradition! 
For years we ‘crewed’ with Mike and the ReMax balloon and then Jeff with Gone With the Wind – but our little [--?!] wreck [and subsequent neck injuries]  a few years back put a stop to that… still, we try to get over for a couple of events each year!
It was fun to see everyone – 
and the Key Grab on Sunday Morning was extra fun 
with these two joining us – 
and later lunch with Craig’s mother. 
Afterwards we went home and got started on the 
Spring [?] / Summer ‘to-do’ list….
How is almost June already?!?! 
In between the balloons we visited at the lake with friends and their recent high school graduate [their youngest] and new grandbaby [their oldest’s] – one of the cutest babies ever! – And I don’t have even one photo to share about that!
We spent the holiday doing more cleaning / re-arranging – 
and a great big THANKS to the oldest for coming up at a moment’s notice 
to help move three giant pieces of furniture… 
We had to move our former TV cabinet OUT 
[to the road, so glad someone picked it up to use!]
and the solid oak computer cabinet DOWN to the living room, 
and then the set of lockers UP to my ‘studio’… 
getting the re-vamp one step closer to completion.
I’m LOVING the industrial look of these lockers and all they can hold!! [And I’m really loving that they aren’t setting on the carport right by my car anymore – ha.] For now I plan to keep them rough and tumble like they are – I’m going to put little labels on binder clips to hold them closed… 
I’m looking forward to getting it all organized…

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