Thursday, May 29, 2014

Farmer's Market Meals - Week Two

[Let’s see if I can really keep this up all summer!]
 This week there were a few more things at the local market –
  We chose beets, new potatoes, cauliflower, green tomatoes, and red leaf lettuce 
[oh, and of course, more of those YUMMY cinnamon rolls!] 
– We still had a bit of yellow squash from last week –

So here’s the menu –

grilled’ steaks

-      I cannot lie – these little [philly] steaks came out of a box in the freezer section [originally bought for steak breakfast bagels] and cooked up quickly on my grill pan… 
roasted new potatoes

-      easy peasy: stuck them in the oven with a little olive oil 
before preparing the rest of the meal –
sautéed beet greens

[followed a recipe I found, much like the skillet greens from last week – 
and surprisingly, we enjoyed these --]
 red leaf lettuce, beet, and goat cheese salad with balsamic dressing

This is possibly my favorite salad of all time – and yes. I roasted the beets myself. 
[Did it the night before so they could do a slow roast 
while I was watching my Ellen shows from last week -] 
sally lunn quick rolls
[kinda like a sweet biscuit with egg – ha.]
 squash casserole

a summertime favorite
fried green tomatoes
- yum
and buffalo popcorn cauliflower

[We're not a fan -]
But all in all... well… it was a delicious meal.

And there’s still a few of the strawberry popsicles to have for dessert – a treat!
No recipes -
similar to the ones I’m using – alter them to your family’s taste and enjoy!

And remember on Instagram #farmersmarketmeals

– I’d love to see what’s growing in your neck of the woods!

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