Friday, April 25, 2014


THAT was a full {{wonderful}} weekend –
That was my FB post on Monday morning –
So let me share a bit more here –
Friday afternoon I took a little leave and [went back to the same person!] had my hair cut. This is significant on two levels: 
1) I went almost a year with no haircut AT ALL – and this is the second one in as many months, and 
2) I almost always cut my hair myself. Seriously.  
 So to go back to the same person so soon is kind of monumental. 
I also took EmmaLou to have her nails clipped. Yay.
 She may get a special ‘do for her upcoming big event. We’ll see.
The youngest and his gal had planned to come in later that evening but told us they would be with friends all evening so we headed to the 
Food Truck Rally downtown –
7,500 people - oh my!
So we decide to divide and conquer – I stood in the On-On Taco Truck Line [for about 40 minutes] and got us a shrimp/chorizo taco and chicken/cheese sauce taco with lime rice [DELISH.] We ate them  after I joined Craig who'd been in line at the second taco truck [Crave Heat.] 
It took us almost an hour to order there and a good thirty minutes to get our food. Seriously. 
We took it over to an adjacent park and ate at a picnic table – Fun.
When we got home the kids were there so we enjoyed visiting with them ~ always.
The next day we all celebrated the youngest’s birthday at a favorite Thai place. 
We enjoy sitting out on their patio - 
but the wisteria surrounding it almost did me in - lol
It’s so hard to believe that he is TWENTY-FOUR years old. 
Wow. Since [I feel like] I’m only 35, how can this be? 
That afternoon everyone went their separate ways visiting with friends, etc. So I played with Art a bit. And prepared for our meal the next day... I love to pull together a meal for us to enjoy [although, I’m not sure I’m the best cook – lol.]
Sunday morning we got up early to attend a local sunrise service down at the river [not far from home] and we were happy to have some friends join us – we should have gotten a little group photo! 
For now I’ll share a favorite photo from one of my last sunrise services with my mama.
Afterwards we had brunch back at the house – just a good ‘ole basic southern breakfast with hash brown egg nests 
and fruit salad drizzled in mint [from our yard] syrup thrown in. Yum.
Then my sweetie and I headed over to The Shoals 
to attend worship with his mother. 
A great service where the pastor spoke about the angel at the tomb – a nice carry-over from the series our own pastor has been doing on angels…
We enjoyed lunch together and visiting a bit at the house before we headed back home to our regular Sunday evening activities. 
I ended the day watching the last bits of First Baptist Jacksonville, Florida’s live-streaming of Sandy Patty singing some of my favorite songs – 
Arise, My Love, and We Shall Behold Him… 
True Worship. 
And a good way to end the day.

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