Saturday, April 19, 2014

I just wanted to share

a bit of my Easter decor --
Y'all know I lead a busy life and I've not got out my 'summer' stuff yet - 
the birdhouses and spring flowers, etc. 
  But I wanted to add some cute rabbits to my spring stuff...
So while I was traveling for work I did a quick walk-through 
of an antique - up-cycle shop - and look what I found! 
I mean, seriously...
 I'd previously purchased this little guy at Cracker Barrel 
[shocker: I paid full price - but he was was just too precious to pass up - ]
 I love this big bunny planter on my table - 
sitting in a milk-glass platter 
that I purchased during out trip to California last fall - 
and filled with lots of tiny mini candy bars -
Just the perfect  touch of vintage charm...
 I put the little tri-bunny candy dish [filled with robin's eggs - yum] 
on one of my home-made pedestals 
[glass plate glued to a heavy glass cup]
with a previously thrifted bunny and cute sign [new] from Kohl's...
  I added fresh flowers from the yard
to bring a little of our gorgeous spring season inside.
[I think this little guy is The Cutest.]
And now we're looking forward to good time with our boys and their gals tomorrow!
We're having brunch,  and I've already got the deviled eggs, spinach /goat cheese nests, and ham done... should be yummy! -  I hope so , anyway!
Happy Easter everyone!

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Marianne #6701 in AZ said...

You make me wish I still did all of the decorating you do! I love all of the fun bunnies at your house =)