Monday, April 28, 2014

A few weeks back

I had such a fun opportunity to meet a couple of my on-line friends in real-life.
Kim, Bernice, and I have been taking [art] classes together for more than a few years now. 
Bernice is from the UK and Kim lives over in the mountains of Georgia, so it was SO FUN to meet for a day of visiting in Chattanooga recently.
I arrived early and set up our art space
[y'all know I love to do this kind of thing -]
  and a little picnic too - 
[green salad with cranberries and mandarin oranges; chicken salad, and tuna pasta salad + water and yoohoos - can't get much more southern than that - ha.]
 We were at Coolidge Park on the North Shore - 
 such a pretty place with a splash fountain
 and a vintage carousal in the building a few feet away -- 
 It was beautiful, really.
We spent the morning working on art together. 
Then walked and shopped around a bit
before heading down to the 
 Chattanooga Choo Choo.
[I'd not been there since our honeymoon THIRTY years ago - 
and it was still as beautiful as it was then --]
We ended the day at 
The Victorian Tea Room
where Bernice explained what clotted cream was - 
and it IS delish!
 But the best part of the day was just being together
and visiting and talking and catchiig up together!
I look forward to making it happen again.

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rosemary palmer said...

All of the horses on the carousel were hand carved by people on this area. Used to be a shop where you could take lessons in carving.