Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I started this little [?] advent calendar

a couple of years ago -
Before that I'd used this little box idea from Ali Edwards -
and I loved it - but it was beginning to fall apart -
[that's the black frame I now use for photo-ops - ha.]
So I begin searching for other fun ideas and came across a lot of photos / blogs / pinterest 
[?? - I'm not sure I was into that when I started this - ha] 
ideas that talked about 
Random Acts of Christmas Kindness.
Seriously - google it and you'll find tons of inspiration!
I picked up the library cards / pockets from my local library 
[They had to search for some, since they've apparently gone all digital - 
Who knew library pockets are now considered vintage?
There's also lots of companies that make new ones too!]
I put most of the cards / embellishments together but got side tracked when some of the numbers needed to be scanned and shrunk down a bit - ha.
So this year, inspired by the one I saw at the Scrapbook Extravaganza, 
I decided it was time to get 'er done.
 I started with a poster frame that I picked up at Goodwill - 
and adhered a favorite piece of scrapbook paper 
with gel medium to the cardboard backing.

Then painted it by scraping favorite paint colors across with an old hotel key - 
After it dried I added the alpha stickers to say
 'O Holy Night' at the bottom - barely visible,
[- but I know it's there!] and then put it in the frame.
After that, I stuck the library cards on - I went for a topsy-turvey look,
but in the end I couldn't take it and had to straighten them up!
I know I'll enjoy having it in the foyer to inspire all 
who come through our doors to do little 
Random Acts of Christmas Kindness 
throughout the season!
And I love seeing some of our Christmas photos through the years too!
I hope this inspires you to create a little Christmas goodness for your home!