Monday, December 2, 2013

Just a quick little

Thanksgiving re-cap...
I made it through.
[I had really kind of dreaded it...]
We got together with my side of the family at the beginning of the week...
and we did okay - really, until the very end...
 [sister-in-love, sister, and me]
Grief just comes out of nowhere...
It was wonderful having the whole family together - 
But it wasn't always easy --
Wednesday I spent the day finishing up the advent calendar below -
We went over to The Shoals on Thanksgiving Day to be with Craig's mother, 
and I won't lie - it was hard being in my mom's city and knowing 
that I couldn't go by and see her too.
On Friday I spent a few hours knitting off and on, I put Autumn AWAY, straightened in the walk-in attic, cleaned in the playroom a bit, and worked on an on-going
scrapbook reorganizing project...
Then I finally got out and shopped a bit, but mostly for groceries... lol
Saturday we had Thanksgiving with just our family --
and after discussing several different menus, we went with fondue - 
Something we love, but don't do often enough.
So it was a good week [end]...
[and of course, that ballgame was the icing on the cake 
for those around our table -]
And now I have to get through the Christmas season --
It's going to be a busy month.. and busy is good.
So glad that my sweetie enjoys being busy with me!
And right now I'm thinking I'll do the bare minimum for decorating;
although I do have one little thing I want to share with you soon.

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