Tuesday, November 19, 2013

For the past year or so

some of my cousins have been talking about getting together - 
It's been a while since we've had time to JUST VISIT... 
and it's usually our aunts who gather us together..
 So back in August I decided to take the lead and reserved a cabin up at Joe Wheeler.
I wanted a place where my mom could get out of the weather 
 [whatever it might be --- here in the South you just don't ever know if 
 October will be in the 80s or in the 40s...]
And I hoped being outside with the view of the lake through the trees would be 
nice and relaxing.
We never dreamed that Mama wouldn't be here to enjoy it with us.
Oh how she loved being with her family!
 Y'all know I enjoy setting up a bit for a party 
so my sweetie and I got there early and got to work.
[It's really very little work when you enjoy it like I do!]
 We brought along the chalkboard, hay, pumpkins, mums. etc. to set a little welcome.  
My sweetie hung my favorite empty frame from the tree for photo-ops
[I added a little computer generated chalkboard sign to the corner --],
Everyone had fun with that! -
Lots of fun - 
I'll share more at the end --
I set extra pumpkins and decor out on the tables -
[love that the cabin had both a screened porch and 
a big open porch.]
 Here's a close-up of the open-porch decor -
I had prints of our aunts blown-up at Staples [less than $2 each] and put them in $1 frames after I took the back off  [had to secure it with packing tape - real glass - ha] 
They're hung them from some wide ribbon we had on hand -
I know I've shared before that my mama had nine sisters [one died as a baby] - 
Love that they always lined up by age for photos! 
[Had an extra pumpkin for the doorway.]
We also brought along our little portable fire pit and lawn chairs to 
gather 'round for good conversation -
[Brother and his fam rented the cabin next door -
LOVE the arches on that porch!]
Everyone brought dishes to share - and OH MY - it was delish!
Notice our Thanksgiving tree - everyone put leaves with something they're grateful for on it  throughout the day [you can hardly see it in the photo up above ]-
 Some sat at tables and others sat around the fire - 
 The weather was PERFECT.
[All photos are straight out of the camera -]
I think everyone had a wonderful time - 
I know I did!
It was just very nice to be with family - 
Even though we did have an 
underlying sense of sadness without our mom there. 
She would have loved it -
We missed those who couldn't be with us..
 But had a blast with those who were there!
We had a weekend full of activities -
Including a little sailing, a fish fry, 
breakfast at a country diner, and cowboy church.
[Seriously - SO NICE to be together!]
Oh, and some of us ended the day with flu shots - 
[fun to have someone in the fam who can stick us - ha]
and and as always, I came home with three too many spoons - 
I know where two belong - who left the other one?
[Y'all feel free to grab the photos you want - and Kelly - bring your laptop / flashdrive to Thanksgiving and we'll swap photos!]

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Nancy Carroll said...

Looks like everyone had a good time!