Wednesday, September 18, 2013

These past few weeks

I've had a sort of perpetual feeling of sadness - 
It's not really overwhelming, but it’s there – 
kind of constant, as I go through my day to day –
You see, some people close to me are facing loss, and illness, and STUFF.
It’s not my story to tell – but it breaks my heart all the same…
So I’m hanging on to this truth from another of my
favorite Nicole C. Mullen songs –

He is, really.
And being with Him brings peace.
That’s where I want to be.
And, I am – even in the midst of this sadness –
He is good.
The page above is in my art journal – 
I printed a drive through photo 
[I wanted a GREAT BIG sign to proclaim it!], 
stuck it down, and wrote out my feelings… 
Writing is such good therapy...
I may go back and add some paint in the sky…
Would love to see what you do -
  All songs are from the album below -
I know I've shared before that
the Summer of 2007 was a tough time for us as a family. 
One or both of our parents was hospitalized for 12 weeks --
The Lord gave this album to me to listen to while on the road 
back and forth and back and forth
[and back and forth]
 – and it spoke to my heart. 
I love to listen to it still. 
So I want to share some of my favorites with you this year!
[And hopefully these songs will be an inspiration to you too!]
I may have to pull it out again --

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