Friday, September 20, 2013

Here's a favorite little find from last month --

[found at America's Thrift Store in Alabaster for $4.99 each. Truly.
They had a ton of them.]
Here's the deal - we picked up some new furniture a few weeks back. 
[It's inexpensive and  we hope to replace it with leather in a few years - but wanted to try out the arrangement of a just a couch and over-sized chair... so far it's working for us...]
So we needed a new end table [this left a much bigger area for a table -] and when we saw these school desks I kind of had to have them... 
Craig wisely informed that we'd probably need two to fill the space.
 Enter one can of colonial red [old school - ?] spray paint - 
And wa-laa - I love them.
We're still debating building a little stand to raise them up just a bit  so we can use the storage part [they're adjustable but we have the back one as high as it will go --  
can't decide if they'd be TOO tall that way...]
What do y'all think?

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Linda Matthews said...

I love the look! You find the most awesome finds, Judy!