Monday, September 23, 2013

I've missed a few weeks

of my Monday Musings posts - 
... got some things on my mind that's not my story to tell -
But I will ask you to join me in prayer as people I love are facing difficult things -
May they feel His presence in the midst of it all...
Right. Now.
So today I'll share some photos of things I've been up to ---
And art - it's my best therapy.
[Oh how I love being in God's great creation.]
 And hanging out with friends - 
odd that we're mostly all empty-nesters now...
... celebrating National Apple Dumpling Day -
yes, it's true - September 18th.
Crafting with friends - the lighting is sooo wonky...
But I'm thankful to have a nice place to gather!
 ... traveling a  bit and seeing 
[I'm pretty sure they were working on the sign... ha.]
 ...enjoying this little kitty
[She's trusting us more and more each day -]
 and finally, getting ready for fall.
My favorite time of year.
- I'll share more photos showing what I did with all this in a week or so --- 

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Gloria L. said...

We were on vacation for the last two weeks and missed catching up with you, so I'm just now learning that you didn't post during that time. Hope your friends are mending.