Monday, July 22, 2013

Random-ness from the week...

It was back to business for me -- with three days of working out of town...
So I'll share some random photos:
We have new phones -- the screen on the youngest's had died, and the oldest is going on a contract with his new bride -- so we're having fun with all the camera options - like the 'smile' feature - it will snap when you smile - lol -
 I saw lots of naked toes this weekend - mine are still blue -
[Had to visit Eddie while I wsa traveling in Florida - and picked up these new flipflops, along with a dress, a skirt, and a couple of tops - love when he has such great sales!]
Loving my garden, still. 
But honestly - I think some of the flowers are about to drown...
 Marmalade has truly taken up residence with us -- 
I wonder if her other family knows?
[Remember she just appeared one day --]
 We enjoyed a  jazz concert at Three Caves, downtown. 
[Our first time there - really nice.] 
- This is panaramic from our phone -
The caves are really old limestone mines...
And I've bought into picmonkey - and LOVE IT even more --  
I can do this
and this -
 and this -
and yes, this -
If you've seen the wedding photos on fb then you know I'm enjoying it!
I ended the week at a workshop over in Guntersville and stopped by 
The Scrapbook Playhouse 
on the way home to hang with the gals a bit [and finish up my 2-up disney / wedding album.]
I hope I can go back again and again!!
And lastly - here's the latest pinterest summer project - 
Is this # 7 -already?!?
My sweetie did these - blue jars from Target with solar [garden] lights inside 
[he caulked around so they would be water tight.]
They're hanging from an iron porch post [roses!] that we picked up when we got one of our gliders. I can't tell you how much I enjoy these lights each evening!
[It's the little things, people...]
Have a wonderful week!
My goal? A good hair day so I can get 
passport photos and a new driver's license...
What about you?

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Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

I would be interested in what type of new phones you bought that you are having so much fun. If you would send me a note, I would appreciate it. Is it the phone camera options that is making it so fun, or an app that goes with it. I am going to be emailing you, maybe you could answer my questions in a reply.
Thanks so much!