Thursday, July 18, 2013

I just really love this little piece of art

and I wanted to share a bit about 
the creative process that got me to the finished product --
When I saw these paintings by the
I knew I wanted to do something similar -
I was soon going to have a bride and groom in my family own afterall.
But I'm much more confident in 
my mixed media skills than in my painting skills... 
I started with a sketch to get the dimensions right...
[sorry it's upside down -]
 After preparing the background 
[mixing pieces of I Corinthians 13 text with tissue and paint] 
I cut out my paper pieces 
and started putting the bride and groom together...
That just DIDN'T look right.
So I stripped a little off, painted over a little, 
and gave it another go...
Much better.
Then I added the balloons, and flowers, 
and words, and started on the hair - 
and I'll be honest, I re-did it more than a few times...
I also refined the faces a bit too.
SO GLAD I started on this several months ago -
 It's about 16x20 - 
I found the frame at Goodwill... And you know what, even after it was framed,I still wasn't completely happy with it. Something on the skirt just BUGGED me 
Every. Single. Time. I looked at it.
So I took it back to my art table, found the dotted paper that I used for the skirt
 [tip: I keep all the supplies for a project 
together in a giant baggie until it's completely finished] 
and cut another little strip to make it work better...
ahhhh... don't you think this is so much better?
 and I love that they love it too -

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