Monday, June 10, 2013

I made pronto pups this week – 
Does anyone else call corn dogs this? 
My Mom always has -
 And here's how we've always made them...
 First, we cook the hotdogs
[I cut them in half before I skewer them.] 
I believe cooking them 
helps the batter to stick a little better...
Next we just mix up a basic cornbread recipe 
and dip 'em in!
 Next I pop them in the hot oil on the stove,
and cook 'til brown all over --!
Then serve with the basic mustard and ketchup!
I'll admit, this is probably only the second time 
I've made these in TEN YEARS 
[that's how long we've lived in this house - lol.]
We've watched three movies this week:      
Trouble With the Curve
[pretty good -]
Fiend Without a Face
[FUN - 1957 - at the Space Center!]
Dark Shadows
[Not as corny as I thought it was going to be -
a fun take on the 70s icon 
that I remember watching with my gr-mother.]
Other things accomplished this week: 
 I practiced making Mickey heads -
[Not thrilled with the results...
But they tasted GREAT!]
The gate for fire pit is completed - 
The Secret Garden is enclosed [thanks sweetie]
      I had lunch with a great friend -   
      Weeded the flower beds [vinegar and salt works to an extent -]
      Had some scrapbooking time with the gals!  
       And dinner with the youngest – 
We always try to fill his tank with gas when we see him
Things are revving up for the Disney Wedding – I’m excited and little overwhelmed trying to coordinate travel - pickup and delivery - ha-
 from three different places – 
[But that's just my OCD talking --]
 Not to mention figuring how I’m going to do a [fake] grooms cake – 
Yes. I’ll explain more later – ha. --
 I know it’ll all come together and be wonderful!
And finally - our magnolias are blooming! 
They usually bloom at the end of April / first of May -
[Paint filter on my camera -]
Have a great week y’all!

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