Friday, June 7, 2013

We enjoyed camping last weekend

and while we don't exactly 'rough it' - it is very nice to take time away 
from the things at home that are always calling us to 
I always bring my [watercolor] art case along when I travel 
so it was fun to do a little piece that will eventually go in my art journal  - 
I play in this little notebook and 
pull the ones I love over to the art journal 
where I, well, journal. HA.
Here's a peek at my case 
in case you missed the post about it a year or so ago - 
It's a little vintage case I bought on The World's Longest Yard sale.  
I lined it with map paper and 
added the dividers and brush / ink / eraser  holders. 
Love it, still.
On a different note,
I took a little tumble with Windell 
as we were leaving the campground - 
and almost a week later I'm still pretty bruised and achey.
Have a good weekend, y'all.

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