Monday, April 8, 2013

So - Spring has Sprung

here in The South -
and I have a love-hate relationship with it -- 
Blooming trees are my #1 allergy so I've been fighting hard to stay up and going - 
And as much as I want to BE OUTSIDE - I'm not, 
but I sure have all the doors open to let the sunshine in!
Craig and I are loving the little Burger King side salads these days! 
We have a hard time eating a whole bag of salad [or head of lettuce] before it ruins - 
So these are so perfect for us. 
And - BONUS - Burger King now has a CrAzY selection of drink choices - 
and I'm only showing the diet sprite - ha! 
This weekend we had a fun little get together with friends - 
Movie Night! 
Well, TV Night -
we'd originally planned to watch some NCIS episodes, but alas, I'm almost caught up... so we watched Snow White and The Huntsmen - a very good movie.
We enjoyed a simple dinner with popcorn and some quirky photo-ops.
[Blog post coming soon!!!!]
- It's always fun to be with our camping buddies! 

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