Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Okay, so I don't know

if I have the real story on this little chair...
but I'll share what I recall being told - 
[and hope that family will step in and correct me if I'm wrong -]
 I believe this was our grandmother's "wash chair" 
[maybe our gr-grandmother's?]
And, if my understanding is correct, this is the chair that held her wash tub 
to catch the wash as it came through the wringer of her old wringer washing machine 
[I remember being warned repeatedly 
to not let my hands get caught in it since it was electric -]
My mom had this little chair in storage for years...
[our gr-mother passed in 1971]
 and then had the seat re-caned to give to one of her [9] sisters for a birthday gift....
And then [more than] a few years back
this aunt passed it on to me...
and its been setting on our fire place hearth ever since.
[I'm sharing the stories here so that our boys will know them.]

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