Friday, April 5, 2013

I'm loving all the burlap

I've been seeing out in blog-land [and pinterest too!]
 And y'all remember this little breakfast table and chairs we 
picked up down in South Georgia, right?
Well, we'd originally intended for it to be out on the patio, but a few weeks ago we decided to move it into the kitchen [our old farm-style table that we've had for about 25 years went to the playroom and currently has scrapbook layouts all over it - 
Yes, I'm de-constructing my albums, but that's a story for another time -]
I've planned to paint this set since the day we bought it - 
John Deere yellow and green's just not my thing [it's okay if it's yours...]
And since I'm loving the burlap and white, shabby chic, if you will - 
I thought I'd give it a go - here's how it started with 
chairs, burlap, sand paper, white paint [glossy] and an exercise mat...
 First I gave each chair a quick sanding - all over so that it felt smooth to the touch,
[let me be clear and say that I DID NOT SAND or PAINT on top of the burlap - 
I moved that to the side and put newspaper down]
then, of course, wiped them down so all the dust was gone... 
And then I gave them a couple of coats of glossy spray paint. 
[You can see one in the corner, there...]
Next, I rolled the exercise mat out 
and traced around the seats that had been previously removed 
[no point in painting something that's going to be covered anyway --] 
We didn't want to add much height to the seat, 
but wanted a little padding so we thought this would work perfectly for us 
[and of course my sweetie bought it at a huge savings.] 
I got all four seats out of one pad -
We picked up these coffee bags from a deep discount store 
[Mike's, if you're local] for $1.25 each - 
I love the print on them [they even had a few  un-roasted coffee beans left in them!] 
- but have also seen some really pretty printed burlap at JoAnn's recently too. 
My sweetie helped me with covering the seats - 
Even though we have an electric staple gun,
 I just couldn't do it because the wood on these chairs is SOLID... 
Sorry I don't have photos of that process. 
Basically I just put the foam pad down, 
positioned the burlap, flipped, stapled, and trimmed...
I did not cut the bag apart - 
so there is a double layer on the seat - 
I think it'll make it more durable - 
and I just didn't want to deal with all that fraying burlap - 
which btw, - here 's my handy tip - 
after it was all stapled down and trimmed on the back 
I went around the edges with fray-check. 
Yes it used a lot and I don't think it's cheap, 
but it's definitely worth it ... 
I love how they look! 
Haven't quite decided on the color for the table - 
am leaning toward black, to contrast with the print on the bags...
but that will be a weekend project for another time...


Gloria L. said...

I do like the look of burlap but the smell, not too much! You did a good job, though!

Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs said...

I sooooo love it...I did this often with our dining room chairs when the boys were young and our bar stools...thus never worrying about spills lol...

Anne Payne said...

This is a great idea for using burlap! Thanks for sharing. I'm dropping by from 12 Months in View on FB and I signed up to follow through GFC.