Friday, April 12, 2013

Recently, we had a few friends over

for a movie night - the original plan was that we would catch up on some past episodes of NCIS together, but - Can you believe it?!? 
- I'm almost entirely up-to-date in my viewing!
So, we watched Snow White and The Huntsmen instead -  
 I kept the meal simple - but wanted to have some fun popcorn goodness to snack on
 My friend Carrie makes this during Christmas -
[she adds pretzels and dried cranberries to hers...]
And. It. Is. SO. Good.
 And easy to make too!
I started with about 9 ounces of un-popped microwave popcorn - and sorted out enough to fill my giant tupperware bowl [I didn't want any un-popped kernels in the mix.] Then I added half of a big bag of regular M&Ms [peanut might be good too!] 
Next, I melted the candy coating [1 pound] in the microwave according to the directions...
and poured half of it over the popcorn - I stirred it well and added the rest of the M&Ms, and then the rest of the candy coating. I had to work fast since it sets up quickly.
After stirring again, I spread it on a giant cookie sheet 
[I'd already put wax paper on it] 
then sprinkled multi-colored sprinkles all over -
I'll admit that I had a hard time not eating it all before our friends got here! 
And I think it's extra yummy if you mix it with regular - salted popcorn.

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Jean said...

Oh - that sounds yummy. Think I might go make some popcorn!