Friday, April 19, 2013

I've signed up for another

on-line class called 
It's a self-paced mixed media class that has 21 awesome teachers - 
a few I know [Hey Erin! And Jo Ann!], 
and many I'm just beginning to know... 
And -- so many wonderful projects to pursue!
I've had a CrAzY busy few weeks
[combined with those silly -breath-taking allergies]
so I've not been able to get into it as much as I'd like - 

But I have printed the booklet!
And I've watched one teacher's videos - 
Carissa Paige
And completed one project [she offers three!]
And I have to say --
This is the first time I've every painted 
and let a figure just emerge from the page - 
as opposed to starting out with the figure [girls, usually] in mind 
before I picked up a brush -
It was fun!
Title: Let Go and Let God
Journaling [along her dress -]: So easy to say... so hard to do...
I'm LOVING playing in my art journal - 
a place just for me, to learn and experiment, and well - 
Something we all need to give ourselves permission to do from time to time!

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Jean said...

Gorgeous piece! Love the colors!