Monday, April 22, 2013

It's spring y'all!

Love that our azaleas are FINALLY blooming!
I had work down south this week so Craig took his work along and joined me -
 loved seeing all their azaleas still in bloom down that way too!
And it was wonderful to see the youngest and his gal...
and then the brother and his family on our way home...
Good times.
Kinda fun to come home to this sweet kitty who now seems to live here full-time...
She loves to visit with us when we're outside - 
and she and Pauly get along well...
and look what's blooming on the back patio 
- survived the winter...
I'll add some to them for contrasting color....
I enjoyed scrap booking with sweet friends this weekend - 
It's nice to have time set aside to work on designated projects -
like these shabby chic tags for a swap --
 They're not quite finished - 
and I sure hope they're 'worthy' - lol...
I also worked on some other cute things 
that I hope to use for a couple of photo - ops this summer....
[Got that Disney wedding coming up, you know!]
I'll share details later....
And lastly - I'm trying hard to remember to get a photo of this barn each season - 
-- spring photo --
You might remember the winter photo a couple of months back -
 I need to do better about cropping it to show the same angle - lol - 
 Is this better?
Oh, how I love picmonkey!
Free on-line photo editing!
It'll be fun to see the contrast once the crops come up!
Have a good week everyone -
Prayers continue for those in Boston and Texas...

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Gloria L. said...

Happy Spring!