Monday, March 18, 2013

I had a pretty busy week

with three mornings where I 
enjoyed the sunrise on the road -
 and also a little treat from a favorite place...
 Those 15 hour days deserve an occasional treat, 
don't you think?
And those peach pies are THE BEST!
And while this one enjoyed a nice fishing trip with friends, 
I took the time to do some painting around the house -- 
I love to paint walls - trim, not so much -
I've been collecting {green} paint chips 
for over five years 
and thought it was time to bite the bullet 
and CHOOSE one...
I like the result...  
a light sage-y green..
When my sweetie got home 
we enjoyed a little corned beef and cabbage 
[a-la- Cracker Barrel]
 in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. 
- Pay no attention to that awful eye - 
I had a little run-in with a corner of a plastic garbage ba
as I was pulling it down off a shelf 
- ouch!

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Gloria L. said...

Happy Paddy day, just a little late!