Monday, January 7, 2013

This is real life --

 Honestly, what does your living room look like between Christmas and New Year's? 
Ours tends to be stacked with opened gifts, newly purchased [after-Christmas sale] decor, 
and just other STUFF. Ha. 
So I grabbed this quick [real-life] photo of the youngest
taking a reading break by the window --
  Tuesday we celebrated Christmas with my side of the family and enjoyed lunch together at - yes, Shoney's. 
We actually had planned to eat somewhere else but the wait was too long... 
so flags with burgers, it was.
Like many of y'all - we have our family stories and this one goes way back -- 
Here's a scrapbook page that shares a little --
Craig and I gave MK a great big Lallapalooza [I'm sure that's spelled wrong!] 
and she loved it. 
It was so - so sweet to see her love and hug on her big doll.
And I sure enjoyed being able to love on my boys this week too! They had a couple of game nights together and then helped Dad out with some camper repair plans. 
Soooo hard to realize that they're 'all grown up!'
So very proud of the young men they are!
And finally -- I got all of the Christmas decor packed up and in the attic.
I started on the 'transition' mantle -
I'm not sure how it will end up now that I have more width to work with - 
but I picked up this mirrored LOVE hanging at Hobby Lobby on Saturday 
[Y'all know I have ALWAYS supported them and will continue to do so!!!]
for $10 - love it. 
[Still need to change out the Santa photos - lol]
Just remembered some red stuff in the attic - I'll share
 an update soon!

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Gloria L. said...

Real life is the best kind!