Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Here's a little something

that Craig and I picked up from an old abandoned - dilapidated store front back in the day [sometime while dating; we were married in ’83, and we TRULY had no idea we might be doing something illegal -so I think I’m safe to share this…
do as I say, not as I do , and all that jazz...]
We loved the classic look of it but had no where to put it so it went into my dad’s garage for safe-keeping. But alas, we had a little winter snow while we were living away, and the next time we pulled it out to admire it we discovered that the younger brother [13 years my junior] had pulled it out to use as an impromptu sled – and as a result much of the paint was scrubbed off [boys will be boys.] 
I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED to find it like that. 
But you know what? My sweet daddy knew how much it meant to me 
so he found someone who re-painted it and restored it to its original glory.
[Of course it’s 30 years later so now it looks like the antique it really is --]
It gives me a little happy.

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