Monday, January 14, 2013

I so love to be outside in nature...

Despite all the craziness the world has to offer us, 
it REALLY IS a beautiful place to ‘just be,’ isn’t it?
  We’ve camped all of our lives together – in tents to start, and then a rough little pop-up, [tent-campers to some of y’all,] that got us off the ground, then a better pop-up [that we loved.] 
As the boys grew we ended up in our little camper trailer [complete with bathroom!] that still had pop-out beds.So fun. [The Cub.] 
But then ... we didn’t camp for a few years – could have been due to my travel schedule for work, the boys’ busy schedules, or that fact that we really do enjoy a nice hotel room… 
But I missed it – being close to nature...
So after we sold The Cub, back in July, Craig [my ultimate shopper] went on the hunt for the motor home we’d always wanted… and we had some specifications to fill – it couldn’t be too big [so it would be easy to drive – but more importantly so we could get it up and down our steep little drive-way without dragging it] and it needed to feel roomy – not cramped, and it had to be affordable. Waaalaaa – he found Wendell back in October.
So here we are in the middle of winter – enjoying a little time to slow down, take some walks with God – and each other – and the deer [can you see her?] They were everywhere!
we had some projects to work on as we enjoyed our little get-a-way. 
Not the best photo [used my phone] 
And every evening when I came back to the camper I passed a 8 -10 point buck. He was gorgeous! And obviously felt secure in the park because one time I rolled down my window and talked to him while I took several photos - 
 It’s been nice – we hope to do this more often in the coming months.
See you on the road -

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Gloria L. said...

So that's where you disappeared to! Sounds wonderful!