Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Faith Based Pages Challenge

Welcome to the Faith Based Challenges of 2013! 
This year I want to share some of my favorite songs with you 
& encourage you to be inspired to create your own faith based pages from them 
– create scrapbook pages, art pages, or journaling pages – whatever you’re led to do! 
And I’d love to have you share them with me! 
A little background: I’m sure I’ve shared that back in the Summer of 2007 one or both of our parents was hospitalized for about 12 weeks – a tough time for us as a family. 
Since our dad was blind and had some dementia one of us needed to be there all the time; 
and we all live over an hour away. 
So there was lots of driving back and forth and back and forth 
[and back and forth] 
– add in our own work schedules and family commitments and it 
= One. Stressful.  Summer. 
 But the Lord gave this album to me to listen to while on the road
 – and it spoke to my heart. 
He used it to heal my hurts and comfort my sorrows 
and help me give Him the praise even in the midst of pain. 
I love to listen to it still. 
And I want to share some of my favorites with you this year!

I Know My redeemer Lives! 

Here’s a page from my art journal that shows how I interpret the song. 
I'm so blessed TO KNOW that my Redeemer lives - that He holds me in His hand 
and helps me face tomorrow!!
– We serve a God like that, folks!

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GCgirl said...

Beautiful page and I love that song too! What an incredible blessing to KNOW that we are redeemed!