Wednesday, December 12, 2012


We've been celebrating these dates with family and friends since 01-01-01 
when were at Disney together!
[Sooooooooooooo wanted to be there for 2000 - but couldn't go then, because, you know, the world may have come to A STOP - but that's another story - lol.]
Tonight we have big plans to do a progressive dinner at a local shopping area!
[Thanks goodness for THAT STEROID SHOT I got yesterday - 
although....I've been up since 3 a.m. - I may crash before the night is through ---]

But today I wanted to share with you a little junk journal 
I pulled together to have all the little celebrations in one place -
Note: Junk journals are, by definition, a place to just 'throw it all in' - so no judging - lol
This is how I plan - sticky notes! 
[For the record, I've printed out the title page info - just have to  STICK IT DOWN -]
I still need to gather and scan the photos from 01-01-01 [I know where they are just haven't had the time [camping trips! multiple Thanksgivings! college graduation!] or inclination [health!] to get to it - ha.
But you can see how I DID plan a bit for this book and gathered some color-coordinated patterned papers - 
[Truly - this is the BACKGROUND - 
it makes not difference how it goes in as long as it matches a bit.]
 Also, in an attempt to pull it all together I used black card stock for the journaling mats and alpha cut from card stock; as well as the little torn notebook pages...
So here's the rest of the years -
[And again, no judging - straight-out-of-the-camera shots - at 3:30 am, no less.]

And, of course - 12-12-12:
 I'll be adding the last pages in this week [sometime.]  
But here's the deal - on some of these dates I was having such a good time being present that I hardly took any photos - so I used photos from the same month [or year even!]
And we missed one year completely [being together on THE EXACT DATE] becasue we were in lots of different locations! So I just pulled a family photo from the fall and used it [10-10-10.]
It's kind of fun to look back and see how much we've grown - and changed - OMGoodness the littles ones were in kindergarten and are graduating from highschool this year!! Wow!! 
But mostly, I see how blessed we are as a family and how wonderful it is to share a deep and abiding life-long friendship with these great families!
Thanks y'all! 

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Gloria L. said...

You were wise to start this so long ago - a good idea to pass along to young folks!