Friday, December 14, 2012

I know it's a busy time to issue a PINTEREST Challenge

but I also know many of you have been like me -- pinning things for Christmas all year long - and now here we are in The Season without one project completed!
So let's get to it!
I shared the pinterest / spark inspired mantle last week - love it, still. 
 So this week I wanted to share another little decor thing I've completed 
[easy enough to do even with a pneumonia-bronchitis filled house - ha.]
Our stairway is in the entry with a hall leading beside it and I wanted to spruce it up a bit this year - and I love the simplicity of this banister decoration.
Easy enough - I used garland I've had for years - literally - and added some of my rustic yard debris [pine branches tied together with twine] with a re-purposed red bow. 
Then I picked up a bag of socks with multi-colored tops and 
hooked them on the banister with a safety pin & twine.
I bought a package of little wooden letters [JoAnn's,]  painted them red and green and then put red and green glitter paint on top [the undercoat is important;] punched a hole with my crop-o-dile, and attached to the twine with a paper clip. Easy Peasy.
I wanted to include the gals in this stocking line-up so we have alternating red [gals, including EmmaLou] and green [guys] stockings with opposite glittered initials to give a little cohesiveness. 
Fun! And functional too! [I'm sure there'll be some goodies in there come Christmas Morning.]
Can't wait to see what y'all have been up to! Please share here or on FaceBook -
Merry Christmas...

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