Monday, December 10, 2012

We've had a wonderful

busy, not-so-healthy, week...
We headed to Auburn Thursday for a BIG CELEBRATION.
 We are so very-VERY proud of Matt 
and all that he has accomplished as he has 
graduated from Auburn University this past weekend! 
But the truth is that both Craig and I have been a little under the weather 
for most of the week 
so our goal was to head down and celebrate and 
not ruin his special weekend with our sickness - 
and, for the most part, we succeeded. 
I think. 
We didn't spend as much time with these two as we'd hoped - 
we didn't want them to get our germs, 
and, turns out, Craig needed to rest as much as possible.
Still -- it was A BLAST to share  our traditional campus walk 
and photo-op day 
[such beautiful weather!!] 
Matt was a willing participant
[although, I think he DID get a little tired of us telling him to 
'jump' in the attempt to get the perfect shot -ha.]
But, you only get your under-grad degree once, right?!?
We enjoyed seeing the places that have 
meant something to him these last four years...
And we had dinner at a couple of fun, local places - 
The Irish Bred Pub one evening and 
an Italian place we'd been looking forward to trying for a while now. 
[Sorry I can't remember the name -]
Both were DELISH.
We had Mexican at a local favorite after graduation
[knew the 'special' places would be extra crowded - 
so we ate at those earlier in the weekend.]
Loved seeing him sharing the excitement with his senior design team! 
And a good friend that he's hung out with since Middle School 
graduated in the same ceremony!
So, my body's been flirting with the flu all week - killer headaches and back pains and nausea  [no sickness or temp though!] And Craig has respiratory YUCK that has progressively gotten worse.We almost ended up at the doc in the box before the ceremony - but he was a trooper and made it until we got home [and we live 4 hours away - ] 
THANK GOODNESS for our local american family cares clinic that was willing to see a patient 3 minutes before they locked their doors -- after x-rays and examination it turns out he has pneumonia - with lots of meds and rest he'll [hopefully] be good as new in a few days!
And me? Well, I still have some sick moments - but thank the Lord that He took away the worst of it on Saturday so I felt like driving home!
We spent Sunday watching the marathon of NCiS - 
and resting, of course.  
So, Cheers! to a great week ahead!
[But, I'm still working on a couple of PINTEREST ideas -
 be on the look-out for another one this week!]
Oh, and here's another challenge for you - 
Find something special to do to commemorate it!

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Gloria L. said...

Congrats to the new class of tigers! My Jennifer graduates this Saturday from UAH. Hooray!