Monday, December 17, 2012

We've been down for the count -

... resting when our bodies told us to and doing only what we absolutely had to do... 
Craig's pneumonia is [so] much better 
and I think we caught my bronchitis timely... 
we're both still on anti-biotics and bronchial aides - yippee. 
As a result, I hardly took one photo, all week...
 But we were so happy to have Matt & friends home for the weekend - 
[Stole the photo from Heather - thanks!]
They went to Chattanooga for the day - and we enjoyed visiting with them 
during several meals while they were in town.  
Happy that Drew and Haley could join us for Thai - 
but again - no photos -
ahhh - 
but you know what?
In light of recent events - 
Just being together is enough to make this mama happy...

Let's remember where true peace comes from...

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Gloria L. said...

Hoping you are quickly on the mend!