Monday, September 24, 2012

How's your week been?

- Ours started out with another trip to the ER and a follow-up doctor's visit the next day. 
And, I've got to say that I think we're on the right track to better health now. 
And somehow, despite my worry and lack of sleep
[y'all know I'm such a cinderella] 
MY blood pressure has dropped to cRaZy normal
And let me say - while it may not always be an easy track to be on - I am one happy camper.
Speaking of camping -- now that we've sold our camper 
we're thinking we might take a little tent-camping trip in a few weeks. 
Old school.
 The weather these days is so perfect for camping... 
But for now I'm enjoying sitting out on the patio with a few candles burning.
I went to my first Stampin'uUp party - FUN. 
Made these fun cards and cute box - 
And who knew? 
They have the rolly stamps of my dreams - 
PERFECT for my mixed media crazy painting...
I ordered two and can't wait to use them!
 I also ordered some faber castell markers this week [on sale at JoAnn's!!] 
and know I will love using those too!! 
So when I found a fun scarf at the Cracker Barrel Old  Country Store
I  knew I  was over budget and need to wait a couple of weeks to get it.
But it's always nice to anticipate things, isn't it? 
Plus, I kinda hate to pay full-price for anything ...
During lunch on Friday I walked over to the Fall Craft Show at the VBC  - always fun. 
I tried to take some photos non - conspicuously...
 - loved seeing these Christmas candles "vintaged" up a bit and used in fall arrangements.
 I also met a friend from Oklahoma I know from an on-line class...[always wonderful to meet in real-life!] and ran into a couple of sweet friends I haven't seen for a while. So I'm glad I made the effort - it's about a six block walk over....
[we non-city-dwellers are such wimps, aren't we?]
 I may have eaten the last of our fresh tomatoes this week -  oh how I love bruschetta!! 
[I'll be making pesto for the freezer before the basil goes...] Yum.
 I've had 'Little' Joeseph in my prayers off and on for his entire life as he had heart surgery practically as a newborn. So, so sad for them all.
Prayers for comfort and peace during this time...

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Thinking of you!